Welcome to the official web site of Pacific Bangladesh Co. We are an Indenting Agent of Machinery and Raw Materials Based in Bangladesh. Our company is also a importer of all kind of high quality machine. We have built an enviable reputation of a supplier of high quality products matched by excellent service within a short span of time.

A smart management gives smart solution”

Pacific Bangladesh Co is “The Company of Heroes” which means our managements guide empowered the total team to become high performing unit. Our management systems and processes are state-of-the-art and fully experienced for efficiency, reliability and sensibleness. As per our management strategy, every single work will be evaluate to every single point,
Which mean the proper accountability of everywhere will make our service maximum accurate, and explore additional opportunities to increase value to our customer.

Transparent communication:

Successful preferred provider relationships require the active involvement of both parties. We approach our customer relationship with a one company and one team mentality consistently seeking proactive ways to add value to our customer’s deeds and benefits.

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All kind of washing machine, dryer , dry process machine and Accessories Importer in Bangladesh

Our company is driven by its commitment to quality, which resulted in various quality certifications. We compete vigorous internal assessment to ensure both internal and external quality of our wire. The entire dealing process involves stringent quality control tests to make our wires totally flawless before they come into market.

We enjoy the services of a team of our highly qualified & skilled professionals. Every member of this team is responsible for the quality work and has the authority to control it.

We welcome all your queries and are always ready to provide your with the necessary information. 

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