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Box Type Ovens

Box Type Ovens with Trolley consist of demounted sandwich type panels. The insulation material used between the panels is 60 kg/m3 rock wool and glass wool. The heating unit is assigned according to the type of the oven and mounted at the backside of the oven.

The heating unit is made of stainless steel as the heating system is provided by Natural Gas, Diesel or LPG.

As the burning chamber is separated and insulated inside the oven, there is no flame, fire, soot, black, pollution, dust coming up to the jeans so there is no mark, shade or smell etc. on the jeans.

There are special air ducts and blowing vents inside the oven in order to assure homogeneous distribution of hot air through the oven.

The oven can be easily installed and used on a plain ground. The rail system on the floor of the oven allows an easy entrance and movement for the trolleys.

The oven reaches to set temperature (~160º C) at start-up within 25-30 minutes. The maximum temperature difference between all the points inside the oven is 3 º C As reaching the set temperature, the automatic temperature limiter is activated so that the set temperature remains constant. Thus, the most suitable working circumstances are obtained. 


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