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Denim Effect Apparatus, which has been developed by Celikhan Makine, is a special, quite plain and very practical apparatus. In this system, after the chemical application, the jeans are hung on the apparatus and by stretching the hanger, the desired effect can be given to the jeans. Then the jeans are put into the oven with the apparatus in order to be cured according to the process. In this way, the effect given to the jeans are assured to be permanent.

The Denim Effect Apparatus is manufactured in two different sizes so that it can be used for both women and men sizes accordingly. Besides, there is a mechanism on the system that allows user to adjust the apparatus according to the model and size. By this mechanism, it is so easy to give tension in desired strength depending on the waist size and model of the jeans.

There is no operational cost required or air and electricity demand while using this apparatus. It is a user-friendly apparatus, which is supporting your dry process and giving permanent effects on your jeans.

Denim Effect Apparatus is your own hand in the oven.  


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