A6 Organic Washing Machine

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A6 Organic Bleaching Machine

Latest technology of bleaching the jeans and dyed garments is saving of Chemicals and water conception and also the most important thing is the less Disposal of used water which includes all non free chemicals and indigo colors.Day by day the textile industry is improving itself on way of eco friendly Systems. The European Standards are more powerful and covering the major Textile processing places in all over the world today. The social sharing life is More protected and cleaned as compare to last pasted ten years.

A6 Organic Bleaching Machine is the best and latest technology for the segment of garment washing by the help of gases. Machine doesn’t maintain any oil or chemicals and even water in dry processing. Machine uses in wet processing 20 % of water from the existing water consumption. In same ratio the according to use of chemicals all will be less on total garment processing. There is ability to have bleached garment with this technology without using any bleaching agent or hypochlorite or potassium permanganate etc.

In those garments are all same based fabric and all are made by A6 machine. There is no enzyme processing and there is no any kind of bleaching chemical. In dry processing there is only dry emery scraping after that processed by A6 and the finally we have got bleached and potassium permanganate sprayed look without using any spray. We have saved time, chemical, energy, man power, water and we have not discharge many disposals of those chemicals. You can play with the concentration of the gases and processing times then depends of those parameters you able to make your great shine and clean garment with different shades as your convenience with the very soft feelings


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